scott in roses

Hey Scott, what is Core of 4?

Core of 4 is a unique approach to thriving and living joyfully. Built on evidence-based practices, we focus on these 4 domains: nourish and condition the mind, nourish and condition the body, nourish and condition relationships, nourish and condition self-compassion.

Core of 4 is forward-thinking, strength-based compassionate coaching that provides sincere, authentic, genuine hope and encouragement, without empty cheerleading.

Mindfulness and positive psychology are essential modalities of the approach.


Relaxing your mind and body allows you space to breathe.

Positive Psychology

Instilling hope is often the antidote to fear, anxiety, and depression.


Each of us was meant to enjoy deep, healthy relationship with others.

Self Compassion

Having the tools and skill to meet our own needs at times can be key to our own happiness.

Core of 4 Wellness Coaching